Make calls and send cheap SMS from your computer


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Let's face it. In this modern day and age you find yourself spending countless hours with your phone in your hands, calling everyone and sending out the occasional text message. Because of this, our phone bill can come a little higher than expected. With Rebtel, you can ensure this doesn't happen.

Basically, the application allows you to make calls or send messages to any phone number, with a much more reduced cost than what you are used to paying for those services. A one-minute talk with a friend, for example, will cost a little over a penny and half. An authentic win!

The way the program works is very simple: you have a tab where the phone's display is shown and you can dial any number you want. There's another tab with all your contacts and a third one from which you can send text messages. Everything very simple and organized.

You can manage many different aspects within the program's option menu, such as checking your available credit.

Rebtel is a very useful application that allows you to stay in touch with friends from all over the world at a very reduced and convenient price. Furthermore, you can make calls from your own computer or from your mobile device.
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